Celebrating Pi(e) Day

Posted by Sara Delaney on Mar 13, 2019 7:14:00 AM

We're still in the midst of celebrating Turmeric this month and we found some recipe inspiration from Bon Appetit to help keep the theme going on Pi Day! Here's our version of Turmeric Coconut Cream pie.

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Ingredient of the Month: Turmeric

Posted by Sara Delaney on Mar 4, 2019 8:53:00 AM

You may have seen this strange little root at the grocery store or be familiar with the golden yellow powdered version in the spice section, but did you know that it’s far more important than its small role as a flavoring in curry?

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Winter Veggie Bowl

Posted by Sara Delaney on Feb 20, 2019 8:12:00 AM


This is one of our current favorite recipes! Based on Yogi bowls or Macro bowls, this is an easy recipe to do some meal prep for early in the week and it’s a great way to use up leftovers. It also features ginger, our ingredient of the month, in the bright and tangy dressing. Check out our post about ginger to maybe learn something new about this pungent spice and whip up a batch of Fire Cider Shrub for a drink you’ll want to make all year long.

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Ingredient of the Month: Ginger

Posted by Sara Delaney on Feb 4, 2019 2:51:23 PM


As one of the 10 core ingredients in Fire Cider, ginger brings a bright spark of flavor and so much more to the party that’s happening in our tonics!

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Tangy Winter Slaw

Posted by Sara Delaney on Jan 17, 2019 6:41:00 AM


Winter is when I start craving the crunch and flavors of the fruits and veggies available in the summer months. Surprisingly, a coleslaw filled with typical winter root veggies can sate your desire for a fresh snap of texture and flavor. Cabbage and radishes provides crunch, Fire Cider, and horseradish pack a flavorful punch, while carrots and maple syrup add a touch of sweetness.

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