Retailer Spotlight: Johnson Compounding & Wellness

Posted by Sara Delaney on May 21, 2019 12:45:49 PM


This month’s featured retailer is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, a town nearing it's tri-centennial! Johnson Compounding & Wellness has an impressive history spanning nearly half the life of its hometown. In business since 1852, it's a family owned and operated business with many of their products sourced locally and carefully vetted through their formulation team.


Johnson Compounding & Wellness is a proud stockist of Fire Cider


As a compounding pharmacy and wellness center, their target customer is anyone who needs a customized compound or is looking to better their health.  They have 10 pharmacists on staff, 2 functional dietitians and Naturopathic Doctor. Their employees are thoroughly trained on all of their products and strive to provide education to everyone who walks through the door.


Johnson Compounding & Wellness has been a Fire Cider retailer for the last 5 years. When a customer comes into the store they are invited to stop by the sampling bar and take a free shot! Some fall in love after the first taste, while others come around after learning about all of the awesome benefits.

 JCW inJohnson Compounding & Wellness is a proud stockist of Fire Cider


We're proud to have them in our roster of stockists, so grab a bottle, or try your first taste of Fire Cider the next time you’re in to pick up a prescription or your vitamins!


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