Retailer Spotlight: Guido’s Fresh Marketplace

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Matt and Chris Masiero have been in the business of fresh, robust produce for almost forty years
As we’re about to turn the page to a new year, we’d like to shine a spotlight on a wonderful story here in the Berkshires of Western MA, one that truly captures the spirit of our region. It began in 1979, when two brothers combined their experience in culinary arts and produce retailing to start a modest roadside stand on Route 7, just south of Lenox MA. They outgrew their little produce market in only two years, and with a move just a few steps down the road in 1981, 
Guido’s Fresh Marketplace was born. 

Guido Masiero at age 16

Naming their business after their father, the charming and charismatic Guido Masiero, and following in the spirit of his personal commitment to health and well-being, the brothers welcomed other local vendors specializing in meat, fish, flowers, and prepared foods to join in their vision of an old-world style food emporium. Chris and Matt Masiero are now well known and admired in our community, and anyone who has shopped at Guido’s has seen them both hard at work alongside their dedicated staff.  Guido’s grew again in 1995, opening a second location in Great Barrington to the delight of health conscious and discerning shoppers in Southern Berkshire County who had long yearned for a more conveniently located marketplace of their own. The stores are thriving examples of the intersection of community, ingenuity, and imagination, where a number of vendors come together under one roof to provide shoppers with an exciting and enticing shopping experience. Among their collective offerings:

Custom juices and smoothies

A full range of prepared foods and salad bar

Floral designs, gift baskets, and kitchen accessories

Fresh meats and seafood

A vast range of dry and liquid bulk items

Deli and specialty cheeses

Baked goods

Natural health and beauty products


Chris and Matt Masiero are led by their commitment to health and freshness!

And, remaining true to their roots, visitors will find the most beautiful (and beautifully displayed) produce including an impressive range of organic offerings. From local corn and peaches in the summertime, to winter root vegetables from the farm just up the road, every bite is evidence of Guido’s dedication to sourcing the best seasonal produce our region has to offer.

Owner-operated businesses come together in harmony under one roof at Guido's
But it is without question the 
people who make up Guido's that make a visit such a memorable experience. It may seem unusual to encounter such a high level of service, attentiveness, and friendliness. But knowing the Masiero family, it is not at all surprising, as their kindness and support of our community resound through the Berkshire hills. In their growth, they have never wavered from their commitment to quality, family, and community, and their success has only strengthened and amplified their message.

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