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Roasted Carrots with Tahini Dressing

Posted by Najwa · October 18, 2018

Seasons change, temperatures drop, and we're ready to turn on the oven again! That's good news, because fall gardens provide a vibrant bounty of root vegetables! Not only does roasting bring out their flavor and natural sweetness, roasting lots of them at one time on large sheet pans is a smart and efficient way to prepare veggies to enjoy all week long, as sides or in salads. And since we haven't met a roasted root vegetable that wasn't just as delicious cold as it was straight out of the oven, they're a convenient grab whenever hunger strikes. Pair your favorites with this savory tahini and Fire Cider dressing and you've got flavor at your fingertips!

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Raw Walnut and Garlic Dressing

Posted by Najwa · October 13, 2018

This bold and versatile dressing pairs beautifully with robust greens like endive, radicchio, or kale. Delicious warm or cold, it's also a great addition to roasted yams, squash, or even tossed with pasta. Did we mention it's versatile? Try this 4-ingredient vegan and gluten free go-to, and have fun switching up the recipe with a handful of fresh basil or grated Parmesan to make a tasty pesto with a kick of Fire Cider!

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Spicy Apple Cinnamon Infusion

Posted by Najwa · October 02, 2018

 There's something so comforting about the smell of apples and cinnamon wafting through your kitchen, and no flavor combination more symbolic of fall (sorry, pumpkin spice). In less time than it takes to bake an apple pie, you can be sipping a Spicy Apple Cinnamon Infusion. Fire Cider gives this warming concoction a kick, making it a great addition to your your morning lineup and taste you'll want to savor all season long!

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Fire Cider in the Kitchen - late-summer recipe inspiration!

Posted by Najwa · September 18, 2018

September has a way of keeping us all on our toes. Mornings can be chilly, afternoons can be hot and humid, and evenings - well, that’s anyone’s guess! Before our crock pots take up permanent residence on our counters for what we call “Slow Cooker Season” (that’s November thru March in our neck o’ the woods), there’s at least a good month when dinner cravings can swing from cold, crisp salads to steamy, satisfying stews in a matter of days. And for that reason, we’re keen on keeping a light sweater and a few of our favorite recipes from @lilsipper close by. Get to know this cool and refreshing Bone Broth Shrimp Ceviche, crowd-pleasing "Texas Toast", and what we consider the culinary equivalent of your mother saying “Put on a sweater!”: the deeply comforting Bone Broth Elixir.     We love you, September. Keep changin’.


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Posted by Najwa · September 10, 2018

Sometimes the difference between having a good day and having a great day is breakfast. All too often we’re either too busy or too uninspired to take the time and nourish our bodies before getting to work - and that can have disastrous effects on our performance, whatever we’re doing!

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